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I wanted to take a moment to thank you for being there for me when I needed you most.

While there have been several times within the past few years that I, and my family, could vouch for your impeccable performance, dedication and honest and never ending genuine concern for the patient; I would like to take a moment to thank you for your most recent help.

I don't think there is a person alive who can't say that one of their worse nightmares would be to be toothless. When my front tooth fell out at 7:30 in the evening, on a Tuesday evening, I was mortified. I had work the next day and the holidays were right around the corner. I couldn't fathom how I could go to work much less walk around in the world without my front tooth. I phoned your office, leaving a message, assuming you would receive the message the following day and call me then. Within ten minutes you called me at home asking if I was alright and what had happened. Your concern and caring mannerism put me at ease and your suggestion to see you first thing in the morning the next day was more than I could ask for. Both you and your staff worked on my tooth, in between caring for your regularly scheduled patients. The teamwork was impeccable. It is apparent that your staff is not only dedicated to you but just as concerned for the patients as you are. Together you made me feel at ease, accomplished the task effortlessly and all accommodating other patients. AMAZING!

Thank you so much Dr. Livshin and staff, for being there when I needed you most

Quite simply....YOU ROCK!



Dr. Livshin is always so responsive, polite and most of all caring - the best dentist ever! This is the 2nd time I have had to call for an emergency dental problem for my husband and Dr. Livshin returned my call personally and immediately and scheduled an appointment and recommended Motrin and an antibiotic to ease his pain until the next day. I can't thank him enough for always being there, especially when needed! I am truly thankful that he is our dentist!

Can't build on PERFECTION, and this office is just that! Thank you! :). I am someone who has an EXTREME phobia of dentists as well as having a HUGE list of dental work that needs/needed to be done. My dentist in Taunton recommended Dr. Livshin about 6 years ago first for my wisdom teeth (all four..AHH) to be pulled. Dr. Livshin was so kind, calm, and gentle through the whole process. He was so sympathetic to my fear and so so patient with my obvious jittery demeanor and chatter. He walked me through every step, making sure I was always completely comfortable. It was a smooth and easy procedure considering I was awake the whole time, and that can be pretty scary to even think about.

A couple years later a tooth broke, and I needed my first root canal (ahhhh, can we say PANIC?!?!). Dr. Livshin again was AMAZING. I didn't feel a thing as he was so gentle and skilled at his craft; another dentist once saw his root canal/crown work on my tooth and said "Wow, you just don't see quality dentistry like THAT anymore!


Shortly after, when forced to see a different dentist due to a horrible insurance switch, I had a dentist in Lakeville tell me I needed a root canal on my two front bottom teeth. When I went for the first procedure, she held my xray backwards and did the WRONG two teeth!!! On top of that she caused a huge abscess in my chin and gums; my face swelled to twice it's size, my chin was like a hard golf ball, and I was screaming in pain if even a bed sheet brushed my face. While seeing Dr. Livshin for a follow up for my crown for the root canal mentioned previously-he noticed my pain and swelling and took immediate action. He squeezed me into his schedule and finished ALL four of my bottom teeth by correcting and completing the horrendous root canal that Lakeville dentist had initiated. I could have lost all four of my bottom teeth if he didn't go above and beyond "his work" and check the rest of my teeth during that follow up that day.

A couple years later, I had a filling fall out of a back molar, and being scarred from my quadruple root canal experience, I really didn't want to even think of the word DENTIST just yet. The tooth continued to break, and I had no choice, but I knew there was only ONE man I would call; only ONE dentist I trusted. So I called Dr. Livshin at his Norwood office for the first time, and the very sweet and accommodating office manager, Vera took my information and relayed the message to him. Dr. Livshin called me back almost immediately and again, squeezed me into his schedule at the last minute for a visit. I got to his office and was greeted by Vera who is so sweet and easy to talk to. The dental hygienist greeted me with a welcoming smile and brought me in a room which was so high tech and clean I was very impressed. When Dr. Livshin came in he shook my hand, put me at ease, and did a full scan of all my teeth. He showed me EACH xray picture on the personal flat screen monitor in front of me and explained EVERYTHING he saw. By the end of the visit I needed an extraction of the broken tooth and SEVEN deep fillings all across my mouth. Panic set in again. Dr. Livshin went over all my options for sedation methods (which is WHY I didn't mind going to Norwood to see the Great dentist. After my last experience, sedation was a MUST if I was getting back in that chair). I decided to go with conscious sedation by pills (Triazolam). My appointment was a month away, and I did not sleep a solid night's sleep that whole month. I would write Dr. Livshin emails with any questions or fears that would pop into my head, and without hesitation he would respond with a kind and caring answer without making me feel like a bother in the least. My appointment was on a Monday, and the Friday before Dr. Livshin called me to go over everything and see how I was feeling. He jokingly told me he had all the lidocaine in the building stocked and ready for me. lol. (the man has personality to boot! :) The big day came. The team was so nice to me when I arrived groggy yet still nervous. Dr. Livshin brought me into a room and allowed my driver (my boyfriend) to sit with me the whole time. Dr. Livshin gave me one more round of Triazolam as I was still nervous. Next thing I knew, I felt a little pinch about 3 times where my gums were sensitive from the lidocaine (out of a total of about 10 needle sticks...that's not bad at all I'd say.) Apparently I fell asleep while waiting to "numb up," and would come to every now and then when Dr. Livshin would check on my comfort or need me to move my head. Other than that, I really don't remember anything beyond the numbing medicine.

Dr. Livshin followed up with me two days later, and he even squeezed me in again for a post-op follow up to make sure I'm at maximum comfort a week later.

Dr. Livshin and his team are so amazing. I wouldn't trust anyone else. They made sure I understood every single aspect of my dental health, what needed to be done, how I needed to prepare, and what to expect afterwards. Aside from a dentist who is a master at his craft, he has got such an great, caring team that make any dentist phobe (like myself) completely comfortable as well as making ANY amount or extent of procedures EXTREMELY tolerable and comfortable. Dr. Livshin and his team are the BEST...no contest!! 


Not long ago I found myself sitting in the emergency room of a local hospital.  The pain in my mouth and in what few teeth I had left was unbearable.  I knew this feeling all to well; I was sure it was another abscess, the result of over 30 years of "Dental Neglect" brought on by my overwhelming fear of Dentists.  The fear dates back to my childhood and my early experiences with my Dentist.  As soon as I reached my teenage years, I swore I would never again set up a dental appointment, and I didn't until about 35 years later.  The only time I had seen a Dentist was in emergency situations to remove a tooth, in and out with un-kept promises to return. 

This time I knew I was at the end of the line.  I was confronted with the reality of my anxiety, locked up for 30 years as I was living with pain and unable to chew food.  My cardiologist also stressed the link between gum diseases to my already existing heart disease.  Moreover, the teeth I had left were broken off and chipped, forcing me to hide my smile or in any way "show" my teeth.  It affected my appearance, my speech, my eating habits, and eventually my confidence. To top it off, the straw that broke the camel’s back, was when my 5 year old grandson happened to catch me in an unguarded moment and saw my "teeth" while I was laughing.  He was stunned and even scared at how it looked and ran off.  The time had come for me to take action.  

I went online and I came upon a very interesting site, Landmark Dental in Norwood, Ma . The site had a short biography and a message to prospective patients from Dr. Ilya Livshin, DMD.  In reading the message, I could have sworn he was writing directly to me.  He discussed the fear people have of dentists and talked about what he does to alleviate that fear.  I found the entire message to be very uplifting and it provided me with some hope, but I also thought that it was too good to believe.  At this point I felt it was extremely important for me to be able to tell the dentist exactly what was going on with me, including my fears, and then I basically threw myself at his mercy.  I wrote Dr. Livshin a memo, outlying my concerns and fears ,  never really expecting a direct response,  but I figured that at least I was taking a step to do something about my situation.  I couldn't believe it when two hours later on a Saturday night I received a call at home from Dr. Livshin.  We discussed my situation at length and I was very impressed with his insight and genuine sense of caring . I felt very much at ease and did something I hadn't done in the past 30+ years. I set up an appointment with a dentist and I was going to keep it.  

From the moment I walked into the office I knew that this was a special place.  Dr. Livshin came to greet me and again we talked at length about my condition and treatment options, including the use of Sedation Dentistry.  Dr. Livshin put me completely at ease.  He reassured me that he could not only treat my gum diseases, but also restore my teeth to the point of being pain free and allow me to chew again and even smile confidently.  I considered all this to be much more than I bargained for and for the life of me could not figure out how he was going to perform this "miracle".

I soon found out how.  Dr. Livshin is an extremely talented and experienced dentist who has developed and mastered advanced techniques and processes that he incorporates into his work.  Dr. Livshin uses the latest equipment, tools, and technology available, tailored to the specific needs of his patients.  Dr. Livshin spends the time to discuss what he is going to do, and is very sensitive to the needs of his patients.  My deep rooted fears of dentists disappeared and although it was an option, I never used sedation.  Dr. Livshin had to perform just about every procedure you might imagine on me, from extractions to root canals to grinding and who knows what else.  For a lifetime these procedures represented my worst fears of dentistry, but I kept coming back, and I can honestly say, I even started looking forward to my visits.  The results of his work are outstanding, if you need proof, just take a look at my before and after pictures.   

As far as I am concerned, Dr. Livshin performed a miracle for me. You may not need a miracle like I did, but if you need a dentist who cares about you and who is among the best at what he does, you must call (or email) Dr. Livshin.  I traveled from central MA and southern NH to my appointments and I would travel twice that distance to have him as my dentist.  I had extensive work done and along with my insurance benefits, Dr. Livshin offered me a number of financing options.  I guarantee you that you will not be disappointed in what Dr. Livshin can do for you. 


Dr. Livshin this is quite an impressive website but it pales in the light of your professional skills! I could never thank you enough for the miracle you performed on my teeth...they look spectacular! I love it! Your staff, dedication, knowledge and precise skills have also restored a very important part of me on the inside which also needed repair. That part shows in the confidence of my dream smile!!!

John Lopresti

Let me introduce myself. I am a coward when it comes to PAIN. I feel like I need to go to the emergency room when I get a splinter. Even slight discomfort can seem unbearable. I am irrationally afraid of ANY dental treatment. I have been this way since I was a child. My Grandpa, with whom we lived, was a prominent dentist back in the 40's and 50's. He kept an office in our home to treat emergencies. You can imagine the sounds coming from his unfortunate patients into the ears of this little girl. Even into my fifties, when I thought about the dentist, I'd flash back to those "DARK DAYS OF DENTISTRY"!!

For years I had a sympathetic dentist who would administer gas for all treatments. The extra cost was well worth it to me, but unfortunately he retired. 5 years ago was the last time I sat in dentist's chair.

Needless to say, without preventive dentistry, my mouth was a mess! I went into deep denial, ignoring all signs of decay until one day I heard an ad for Dr. Livshin. They offered SEDATION!!! Hooray!! By this time I was in need of a complete makeover: 2 root canals, 2 crowns, a veneer, and a periodontal cleaning. Dr. Ilya Livshin and his staff were able to put me at ease enough to discuss a treatment plan and with a reasonable estimate of costs. They promised all this could be done in a morning, which was a good thing for me, as I couldn't bear to subject myself to prolonged treatments.

The day of treatment I was still looking for an escape route, but the entire office was sensitive to my fear, so I pressed on. I HAVE NO MEMORY OF THE WHOLE EXPERIENCE! There was NO pain during the ordeal and I felt alert when my escort arrived. More importantly, I FELT OK. I was sleepy that afternoon, but I really felt surprisingly well, considering what had gone on. I felt so WELL that I had to be talked into staying the night and not driving home. Dr Livshin called to check on me a few times that afternoon and evening. I really appreciated his care and genuine concern.

What can I say about Dr. Livshin and his team? I can't say I'm cured of my phobia, but as a result of their compassionate and state-of-the-art dental care, I will continue to chomp on my beloved prime rib and corn on the cob for years to come!! I WOULD RECOMMEND HIS SEDATION DENTISTRY TO ANY OTHER COWARDS OUT THERE!!! He and the team saved my teeth, and for this, I am grateful.

Let me also say I live 150 miles away in New Hampshire and would gladly travel the distance for the care and treatment I received. I am retired and on a fixed income, but Dr. Livshin offered several payment options, including a 12 month no interest dental loan. I had rationalized that I couldn't afford the treatments since I no longer work, but the financing options he offered made it affordable.

To all you COWARDS out there, I say, you can still have a healthy mouth. Dr. Livshin can be your salvation!! Dig into your "bravery reserves" and call Dr. Livshin! I promise you won't regret it! As for me, Dr. Livshin, I salute you!!!!


If someone ever lost their their teeth as a result of neglect and infection, as was the case with me, you are the only one I would recommend to comfort, heal, and create a beautiful smile.  You are an angel sent from above...Blessings to you and your very caring staff.

Be well as always,


I used to hate having dental work done, even cleanings until I went to Landmark Dental. The Staff at Landmark Dental is friendly and down to earth and they treat you with the utmost care. The Office is equipped with the latest equipment and Dr Livshin is an excellent Dentist and he is the best at what he does. I would recommend, and all ready have recommended Landmark Dental for any Dental care anyone may need. Dr Livshin always explained to me what my options are and what is the best treatment I needed before any procedure. If i had to rate Landmark Dental from 1 to 10, 10 being the best Landmark Dental would get a 20 :-) Thank you for bringing my Smile Back!!!


If anyone were looking for a Dentist, I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Dr. Livshin. I've had a lot of work done on my teeth in the past by other dentists; I was constantly at the dentist's office! Since becoming a patient of Dr. Livshin's, that's not the case any more. His dental work, attitude, and professionalism are second to none; at least none that I've experienced in the many years of having work done by other dentists. If you don't have a dentist or are unhappy with the one you have now...take my word for it, you will not be disappointed. ~JMFT
I love this place. The staff is nice and personable and the atmosphere is very comforting. Also, with Dr. Livshin, you know you're in the best hands. He knows what he's doing and is the BEST DENTIST you'll ever go to. In fact, you won't want to go anywhere else. I know this for a fact. I'm glad I'm one of his clients.



My teeth feel great. LOL. I just want to thank you guys again for dealing with me and my fear of the dentist. You are a wonderful guy with talent, patience, and true skill. I am sooo lucky to have found you and so are my teeth.
Thanks again,


I think that Doctor Livshin is the best dentist in the world. He adores his job and he really cares about his patients. His team is also very good and professional. Don't hesitate and visit Dr. Livshin and you will have a terrific smile and an unforgettable experience.


Excellent experience from the kind and congenial office staff to the state of the art equipment. Dr. Livshin communicates well and in a pleasant manner, gave me a clear understanding of my dental options. Honest, caring and professional...I highly recommend!!